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Global Impact

Long-term thinking is our priority

At SFM, we’re at the forefront of innovation and responsibility. Our mission is to go beyond the financial success of our customers, to encourage sustainable investment. We ensure that our business has a positive effect on the environment and a remarkable social impact.

We recognize that finance has a huge impact on the world, which is why we see it as an instrument for creating a better society and a healthier economy. When dealing with customers, partners or other institutions, we ensure that our mutual long-term objectives have a positive impact on the macro-environment, which encompasses society, the climate, renewable energies, and more.

Responsible investment is our main area of commitment. We use the power of investment to make a positive impact on tomorrow’s world. As an asset management company, we are free to express our convictions and develop innovative, long-term investment solutions that combine performance and impact. We believe that anything that is sustainable is profitable, and anything that is profitable must be sustainable.

"Sustainable practices aren't just an obligation, they're an opportunity to innovate and lead."