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SFM Club Deal, a unique concept for HNWI

SFM Club Deal offers you exclusive investment opportunities. As a privileged member, you have access to a comprehensive range of products and services, including fundraising, customized financing solutions and many other benefits.

You can benefit from access to a multitude of exclusive investments in several emerging sectors, where every transaction is marked by refinement, confidentiality and performance.

Thanks to our extensive network, SFM Club Deal is committed to innovating the dynamics of risk and return for our members. We offer you the opportunity to build a portfolio rich in investment options, offering attractive returns while mitigating potential risks.

The club

Several times a year, SFM Club Deal brings together all the private clients of Swiss Finance Management International SA for a special event. The purpose of these meetings is to bring together clients who are looking to diversify their investments and access exclusive investment opportunities.

Swiss Finance Management International SA’s vision is to develop a club that differs from traditional clubs through an innovative approach. The suggested projects will always take into account the market trends.

Our vision

SFM Club Deal’s vision is to focus on diversification and co-investment principles.

By emphasizing the collaborative interactions among its members, our club deal’s goal is to host a community of investors and to facilitate the access to co-investment opportunities through a mutually beneficial platform.

The network

Being a member of the SFM Club Deal gives you access to an extensive network. With many people on board, be part of the club and enjoy the opportunity to meet families, HNWIs and UHNWIs.

Besides socializing, this is the place where you will meet new people with different perspectives and with whom you can build solid projects in the future.


SFM Club Deal is a gathering of private customers held at least twice a year. Our events take place in elegant private venues worthy of our customers. 

It’s vital for us that our customers benefit from such events, and that they enjoy an exceptional experience that combines both professional and social aspects.