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Tax consultancy

Wealth Management

Navigate the tax maze with confidence

A thorough understanding of taxation is essential for smooth, efficient financial management. That’s why our team offers a reassuring approach to tax challenges.

Taxation is complex, and the various options available to you need to be carefully analyzed to determine the best decisions to make. Thanks to its international expertise, SFM can support you in a wide range of tax environments, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Tax consultancy requires a broad tax culture, which can include wealth, property and international taxation. This practice requires not only knowledge of tax laws, but also a thorough understanding of the legal implications that can arise from financial decisions.


Tax assessment: the best way to identify optimization opportunities?

We take into account the importance of optimizing our clients’ tax obligations. That’s why it’s important to carry out a tax assessment. This enables us to analyze the tax situation and identify tax opportunities that will optimize our clients’ returns.

By carefully examining every tax aspect, our experts will help you identify potential tax savings while ensuring full compliance with current regulations. Our Compliance department is also called on by our tax consultants to guarantee absolute compliance with local and international regulations.

Designing a detailed action plan

At the end of the tax assessment, the consultant will suggest a detailed action plan. This plan will be drawn up in collaboration with other SFM departments, and will take into account several aspects such as deadlines, targets and your tax requirements.

Once the plan has been drawn up, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We provide regular follow-up for all our customers to assess progress and adjust strategies where necessary. This approach is based on absolute transparency, and our consultants will keep you informed of the progress of the tax plan and all the steps involved.

An expert is waiting for you

As part of our support service, you will be assigned an expert specialized in tax consulting, who will be at your service throughout your projects.

Schedule a tax assessment today.