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SFM Leadership Team

Whether you’re looking to protect your assets or grow them, having a team with strong synergies is a real advantage. Each member of our team brings unique expertise, passion and dedication. From innovative thinkers to precise planners, our team embodies collaboration, creativity and the pursuit of excellence.

Discover the faces behind our success and the stories that fuel our motivation:

Carlos Khoury

CEO & Founder

With a PhD in Finance from Kenan-Flagler Business School in North Carolina, Carlos has consolidated his reputation in…

Leonora Kerry Keane

COO & Co-founder

As co-founder, managing director and COO of Swiss Finance Management International SA, Leonora has …

Cedric Anker

Board member

Cédric Anker has extensive financial expertise and an exceptional professional background Since 2019, he has held the position of …

Alain Benoit

Board member

Alain Benoit has extensive experience in the financial sector. His impressive career includes…

Riccardo Altamura

Chief Investment Officer

Riccardo has extensive experience in the financial markets. His career began in 2000 as a …

Zeinab Abou Khalil

Chief Compliance Officer

Zeinab has joined SFM as Chief Compliance Officer. She has extensive experience, particularly in …

Ines Djelassi

Managing Partner

Ines Djelassi is Managing Partner of Swiss Finance Management International SA, and has a wealth of experience…
Nicolas Vincent

Head of institutional sales

After more than 20 years working for major international groups, Nicolas joined SFM to put his knowledge and experience to good …

Kuhapriya Patel -

Managing Partner

Kuhapriya has more than twenty years’ experience in managing high-net-worth clients in the luxury goods sector, …

Selma Daboussi

Managing Partner

Selma joined SFM as Managing Partner after a successful career spanning more than 25 years as a senior wealth …

Katia Tabet

Onboarding specialist

With more than twenty years’ experience in finance and investment, Katia previously held the position of …