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Top financial hubs for a management company: London (3/3)

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London, the world capital of asset management

London has long been considered one of the world’s leading financial centers, and its role in the asset management industry is undeniable. According to the latest statistics, over $13.1 trillion in assets are managed from the British capital, including 46% of assets managed for overseas investors.

A solid financial ecosystem

One of London’s main assets is its highly developed financial ecosystem. The city is home to over 500 foreign banks, as well as many leading financial institutions, such as the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, and other renowned asset management companies.

A global leader?

London is recognized as a world leader in key areas such as asset management, investment banking and trust services.

This environment offers direct access to top-level financial expertise and a vast pool of qualified talent. What’s more, this concentration of cutting-edge expertise in finance attracts talent from all over the world, boosting London’s attractiveness.

A fast-growing Fintech hub

The UK government has put in place ambitious initiatives to stimulate innovation in the financial sector, notably with the Fintech 2030 Plan aimed at attracting and supporting innovative financial startups. Today, London is home to over 1,600 FinTech companies, attracting record investment of over $5.5 billion by 2021.

Competitive taxation

The UK offers an attractive tax environment for businesses, with a corporation tax rate of 25% (19% for companies with sales of less than £50,000), one of the lowest in the G20. This competitive tax environment, combined with a favorable regulatory environment, contributes to making London a destination of choice for asset management companies.

With its strong financial ecosystem, investment in FinTech and competitive tax environment, London continues to strengthen its position as the asset management capital of the world, attracting top talent and international investors.

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