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Dr. Zeinab Abou Khalil, Chief Compliance Officer at SFM.

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Zeinab Abou Khalil

Chief Compliance Officer

Zeinab has joined SFM as Chief Compliance Officer. She has a wide range of experience, including as Compliance Officer at several Swiss private banks. In addition to her main responsibilities, Zeinab was an international trainer for Corporate Training programs for 6 years. She has successfully led a number of projects, including the FINMA authorization for a Multi-Family Office and collaborative projects with renowned entities such as PwC.

Alongside her work in the compliance field, she taught for 8 years at prestigious universities and completed her in-depth study in the field of Compliance with a PhD obtained in 2019. In addition to her impressive career, Zeinab has made a major contribution to doctoral research in banking compliance at Staffordshire University in the UK.

She is fluent in French, English and Arabic.

"I see compliance as a pillar for our clients' future. I ensure that their interests are protected and that all regulations are respected."